Company Overview

PopPack® is changing the way people of all ages, throughout the world, open packages – with a simple, sensational “pop” of a bubble.

The PopPack bubble is tactile and very easy to open. It produces an engaging “popping” sound–providing assurance that the package contents are fresh, well-sealed, and have not been tampered.

PopPack offers a remarkably safe, quick, enjoyable, ergonomically and environmentally responsible way of opening and re-closing flexible packages, sachets, pouches, semi-rigid containers and blister packs.

  • easy to pop
  • easy to open
  • easy to use
  • easy to empty
  • easy to re-close…

with packaging solutions that reduce product waste and landfill.

PopPack’s Bubble-in-the-Seal technologies offer multi-sensory solutions with human factors design to instantly differentiate and promote product brands.

Bubble-in-the-Seal solutions offer brand customization effects such as touch, sight, sound, flavors and scents.  The popping bubble can also be used in a variety of ways – for sampling, cross-marketing, special promotions, and senior-friendly packaging, thus creating a positive, easy, memorable, sensational experience, while eliminating the frustration of tearing open, or using scissors, knives or teeth.

PopPack’s technologies can be applied to many types of products, including food, snacks, cosmetics, personal care, household, electronics, medical, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical products.