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PopPack – “Overview Presentation”

A comprehensive presentation of PopPack’s easy-open packaging, highlighting features and benefits, with specific examples of packaging prototypes which provide eco-friendly packaging solutions.
(14:17 minutes in Japanese and English)

PopPack – “It’s in the bubble”

Learn all about PopPack – its features, technologies,
market applications, patents and trademarks for innovative
marketing and packaging.
(4:28 minutes)

PopPack – “Just for the fun of it”

Consumers of all ages enjoy opening packages with
PopPack – a multi-sensory experience.
(3:07 minutes)

PopPack – “Dr. Diao, a hand surgeon’s view”

Hand surgeon, Dr. Diao (UCSF Medical Center), speaks
about the benefits of the PopPack technologies.
(2:20 minutes)

PopPack – “Pack Expo 2010”

An innovative air bubble technology from PopPack offers
an alternative package opening option for seniors and kids.
(2:00 minutes)