The PopPack® Solution

Struggle to Open Packages

Many flexible and rigid containers, bottles, and jars are very difficult to open. There is a demonstrated need for a new, simple, effective, fool-proof and inexpensive way to open a package without using a sharp instrument, without tearing, without biting, and without destroying the container or its re-closable feature.

The PopPack® Solution:
Easy to Open Packages

PopPack’s Bubble-in-the-Seal technologies are affordable, effective, and innovative ways to (1) reduce frustration over hard-to-open packaging for all ages, (2) safely, quickly and easily open products with the “pop” of a bubble and (3) create brand recognition with multi-sensory marketing and ergonomic packaging solutions.

Food and Product Waste
Thoughout the world, about 1.3 billion tons of edible food product are wasted each year. Industrialized countries report 222 million tons of consumer food waste per year, with up to 240 lbs (110 kilograms) per person, per year that is wasted at the point of food consumption.* There is a rising need to develop packages that are easy to empty, reclose and keep food and other products from spillage, oxidation, contamination so that the product can be reused, and landfill waste is minimized.
*Source: Global Food Losses and Food Waste, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO, 2011)

The PopPack® Solution:
Easy to Use, Easy to Empty, Easy to Reclose
PopPack’s Bubble-in-the-Seal technologies are designed to minimize food and product waste by keeping the package intact and allowing the product to be fully consumed, and the package emptied and re-closed. Packages also reduce product spillage and landfill volume.

Product Differentiation

Maintaining and increasing market share, providing socially responsible products, and building consumer loyalty is a constant challenge for many product brands and companies.

The PopPack® Solution:

Sensory-Based Marketing

PopPack® offers “Multi-Sensory Marketing Solutions” that transform the frustration of opening products into a fast-opening, tactile, “sensational” and “fun” experience for customers of all ages. It capitalizes on new market opportunities, facilitates product promotions and is safe and easy to use and re-use, as well as socially and environmentally responsible.